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Are you struggling with a flaky scalp or dry, frizzy hair that can't be tamed? Our luxury treatment sessions are offered in three tiers, from a Little Love to the Whole She-Bang!


Our stylists will customize your treatment session to best suit your hair needs, from balancing your scalp to providing deep moisture to your ends. Each of our treatment sessions includes an invigorating shampoo and scalp massage and are offered as an add-on or standalone service.


Maybe you slept with your hair in a bun one-too-many times this week or maybe you just want to treat yourself with a KEVIN.MURPHY masque! Whatever the reason, this treatment is the perfect quick pick-me-up for stressed or dry hair that needs a little love.


$10+ add-on

$50+ standalone


The Extra TLC package is a step up from just A Little Love and is perfect for those who may be struggling with a flaky scalp or frizzy, dry hair that need some TLC! To show your hair some extra TLC, we combine a couple of different treatment options from our arsenal to get you feeling up to snuff again. 


$35+ add-on

$75+ standalone


Is your hair hangin' on for dear life? Everything just feeling off from your scalp down? Look no further than the Whole She-BANG! Our top-tier treatment is ideal for those who truly need a transformation from scalp to ends. Our stylists will customize an extensive combination of treatments from KEVIN.MURPHY that are best suited for you to take care of your scalp, restore shine and moisture, and nourish your hair so you can walk out feeling brand new. 


$75+ add-on

$110+ standalone

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